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Every year, leasing accounts for more than 30% of all new investments in the leading Western countries. In the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, the volume of leasing operations on movable property in total reaches about 60% of the entire European market. The total share in the leasing market in Europe reaches 80%.
The largest share of leasing supplies falls on the machine-building industries and the private services sector. In Austria, the share of leasing in mechanical engineering was 50%, and in Italy — 54%. In the UK, 62% of leasing funds were directed to the development of the private services sector, more than 50% of funds are directed to this sector in Germany and Norway.
European leasing companies are united in the Euroleasing Association, which represents the interests of 25 European countries. In the EAEU countries, leasing companies are also united in associations. In December 2020, the Leasing committee under the AFC was established in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which will coordinate the activities of leasing companies. 


According to a study by Fitch Ratings, the volume of the total leasing portfolio of companies of the EAEU countries is expected to decrease in the medium-term perspective, which is associated with the declining volumes of new business in the air, railway and auto segments.


Rating of leasing companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Name of the leasing company The volume of the leasing portfolio at the end of 2020 (billion tenge) The volume of the leasing portfolio at the end of 2019 (billion tenge)
1 JSC "Industrial Development Fund" 477,5 338,4
2 JSC "KazAgroFinance" 263,2 229,6
3 TechnoLeasing LLP
11,6 14,3
4 JSC "KazMedTech" 5,8 4,1
5 JSC "Leasing Group" 5,5 4,3
6 ForteLeasing JSC 3,4 2,6
7 Al Sakr Finance JSC 2,7 3,1

More than 90% of the entire leasing market in the Republic of Kazakhstan is concentrated in the portfolios of the 2 leaders of the rating-JSC "Industrial Development Fund" and JSC "KazAgroFinance", which in March 2021 became part of JSC "NUH "Baiterek".
As for private leasing companies, they are more focused in the field of vehicle leasing.
The leasing market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the coming years will develop in the trajectory of the set pace by state-owned companies providing leasing financing services within the framework of state programs.



There has been an increase in the leasing portfolio since 2014 by more than 17 times, associated with the financing of transport infrastructure projects and the use of budget funds within the framework of the SPIID program, "Nurly Zhol" by financing projects in priority sectors of the economy.
In 2020, 489 projects were approved and 428 projects were financed.



The income from the main activities of the IDF in 2020 (unaudited) showed an increase of 9.5 times compared to 2014 and amounted to 24,669 million tenge. At the same time, net profit at the end of 2020 (unaudited) amounted to KZT 10,171 million.

The increase in the indicators of return on capital and assets since 2014 is a consequence of an increase in the profit of the IDF compared to the profit of 2014.



IDF took the 1st place in terms of the employee engagement index in 2020 among all subsidiaries of JSC "NUH "Baiterek".


Gender diversification of senior staff positions, 2020

Women, people. Share, % Men, people. Share, %
Chief of management 1 50% 1 50%
Heads of departments 3 21,4% 11 78,6%
Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board 1 25% 3 75%


The average length of work of employees is 3.4 years.

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