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Analyst-designer of business processes, system analyst

Tasks of the analyst: to analyze the project, make an analytical report, develop a technical task, and also prepare a prototype.

As part of the audit, an assessment of the "as is" state is carried out, the development of a reasonable plan for moving to the "as needed" state, optimal from the point of view of business requirements, formalization of results and preparation for automation.

Reasons for the audit and work:

  • To understand which operations are superfluous and do not create any value,

  • To determine where the loss of resources and quality occurs,

  • What operational opportunities are being missed,

  • What in the operational activity carries potential risks,

  • To what extent does the operational activity correspond to the company's strategy and goals,

  • To understand how much and how it is possible to improve the operational activities of the company.

To carry out work on the implementation and modernization of infrastructure solutions, infrastructure elements and their interrelations are examined: existing business processes and regulations.

  1. Research of standards in areas and regulatory documentation, comparison of activities with similar companies (use cases, user stories),

  2. Audit of business processes, survey and their description. Identification, definition and management of business requirements using various methods and tools (conducting interviews, document analysis, data collection, requirements seminars). Analysis of existing business processes, assessment of compliance of BP with the Company's strategy, assessment of risks and internal control systems inherent in each BP. Identification of repetitive, routine processes, joints of connection of several systems, identification of thin spots,

  3. Definition of key BP, Description of business processes in the as is view and development in the to be view (characteristics, indicators, criteria), development of analytics methodology and business process architecture,

  4. Definition, evaluation and implementation of indicators of efficiency and effectiveness of processes, search for ways to optimize processes. Calculation of preliminary economic and other effects of the changes, their impact on the value of the business, determination of the feasibility of their implementation. Tracking the actual effects of implementing changes,

  5. Development of a Work plan and implementation of business processes. Clarification of business requirements and analysis of business needs. Development, coordination and implementation of proposals for changing, improving, optimizing and automating business processes,

  6. Development and implementation of effective methods of requirements management, including the use and continuous improvement of requirements collection and formalization processes. Storage and updating, monitoring of the state of functional requirements as the degree of readiness of the solution and the correctness of their implementations,

  7. Converting high-level business requirements and user requirements into specific feature requirements specified at the appropriate level of detail. formalization of business requirements, tracking changes in requirements,

  8. Problem statement. Modeling of process diagrams, calculation models, road maps. Drawing up a diagram of information flows. Development of technical documents (technological map of business processes, technical tasks). Maintaining a project map: essence, actions, connections. Development, implementation and monitoring of target and process metrics,

  9. Implementation of the BPMN process approach, design and evaluation of business models, description of user scenarios, prototyping of interfaces, maintenance of project documentation, configuration and testing of a prototype of the modules being developed,

  10. Identification and decomposition of functional tasks, development and systematization of software requirements, analytical support of solution development and translation of functional requirements, technical specifications and specifications to project developers,

  11. Methodological support - development of regulations, instructions and training materials for end business users. Organizing and conducting training, presentations and demonstrations on working with the system and new functionality of business process participants,

  12. Quality control of process execution. Coordination of the list of scenarios for testing, control of compliance of the implemented functionality with the stated requirements, Testing and acceptance of the implemented functionality, verification of results,

  13. Close interaction with developers (control, consulting, involvement in design), participation in the search for the causes of errors in the development of systems,

  14. Preparation of a report, presentation of audit results and recommendations on process optimization.

  15. Development, coordination, implementation and monitoring of KPIs and control procedures of employees.

Audit result:

  • analysis, formalization and optimization of business processes,

  • regulation, formalization and modeling of target business processes using BPMN notation, coordination with owners,

  • conclusion on the current state of affairs in information systems, equipment, basic and applied systems, applications and processes,

  • recommendations for the introduction of new systems or for the elimination of deficiencies, effective operation and development, organizational and technical recommendations,

  • the final result of the audit is a work plan (draft TOR) agreed with IT and business and justifying the importance of upcoming changes,

  • presentation of a customized business process, launch, testing, full adaptation and acceptance by the Customer.

The result of optimization (implementation of the process approach) of business processes and their automation:

  • cost reduction, acceleration of processes;

  • improving the quality of results;

  • coordinated actions of different departments;

  • delineation of responsibility and strengthening of control.


Higher education in business administration, management, finance, economics, IT,

Knowledge of the methodology, business process modeling notation (BPMN) of regulation and tools for improving the efficiency of business processes, experience in their application in describing and modeling processes in a BPM system,

Skills in analyzing and describing business processes as is and building processes to be, deep understanding of business processes, skills in evaluating the effectiveness of implemented processes,

Knowledge of the stages of the change management process (ITSM), skills in using ITIL principles in work. Knowledge of ISO standards, Knowledge of documentation development methodology (policies, regulations, procedures, work instructions) is welcome,

Skills in collecting requirements, drafting internal regulatory documents (technical specifications, regulations, procedures, instructions, etc.) for the modification of information systems,

Work experience as a business analyst of the company's business process development projects in the financial sector (at least 3 years), experience in leasing/lending is welcome,

Knowledge at the level of an advanced IC user (1C, Lotus Notes, Office), understanding of the REST API, SOAP, principles of integration with other systems,

The ability to structure disparate information, transform it into regulatory documents. The ability to clearly and clearly set tasks received from the end customer to the performers,

Personal qualities: energy, analytical mindset, sociability, focus on success, diligence and responsibility for quality, organizational skills, attentiveness, ability to work in a team, perseverance and willingness to work with a large amount of information.

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