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Objective of the project Construction of a plant for the production of power transformers of voltage class 110 and 220 kV in Shymkent. Stage II increase to 500 kV
Capacity Planned annual volume of 6 transformer pieces per year, voltage class of 500 kV
The total cost of the equipment 2.25 billion tenge
Equipment Germany, Switzerland
Production Voltage class transformers 500 kV
Commissioning 2021 year

The implementation of the two stages of the project will allow:

  • Create new 230 jobs;
  • The expected export potential of the project - up to 50% of the products manufactured;
  • About 70% of components and materials will be carried out and / or processed in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of the machine-building sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Exports are planned to CIS countries, Iran.
Creating the production of power transformers of a 500 kV voltage class, will consolidate the company's status as the only plant in Central Asia for the production of high-voltage transformers

Program participant Unified Support and Development Program "Business Road Map 2020"