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Modernization and technical re-equipment of machine-building production

«Maker» LLP

Technical re-equipment of machine-building production

Objective of the project Modernization and technical re-equipment of machine-building production on the basis of “Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant”.
Capacity The introduced new production facilities allow to expand production in 64 already produced groups of names and to master 10 new groups of names of machine-building products. The volume of production at the commissioned facilities will amount to 11,000 tons of products.
Technology Metalworking machines
Sales markets Republic of Kazakhstan
The total cost of the equipment 12,1 billion tenge
Equipment Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Russian Federation, Germany
Production Parts, assemblies and mechanisms for mining, concentration and metallurgy equipment
Number of workplaces new 99 workplaces
Commissioning December 2017
  • increasing of the labor productivity in more than 2 times
  • import substitution;
  • new workplaces;
  • the use of new technology using energy-efficient equipment will reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.
Program participant Unified Business Support and Development Program “Business Roamap – 2020”
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