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Acquisition of tank wagons

«Eastcomtrans» LLP

Development of transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan

Objective of the project Acquisition of tank wagons for the purpose of further leasing and use for cargo transportation
Capacity Transaction 1 – 200 tank wagons; Transaction
2 – 182 tank wagons; Transaction
3 – 300 tank wagons, 150 gondolas; Ijara – 113 tank wagons; Transaction
4 – 1,822 wagons.
Technology Railway tank wagons for cargo transportation
Sales markets Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and Baltic countries
The total cost of the equipment US$ 67 million (all projects together)
Equipment Ukraine, Russian Federation
Production Rolling stock
Number of workplaces 125
Commissioning 2009-2017
Influence Increasinf of the freight traffic volumes through the expansion of the customer base and development of new directions
Министерство индустрии и инфраструктурного развития РК
Банк развития Казахстана