Acquisition of tank wagons
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«Eastcomtrans» LLP

Development of transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan

Objective of the project Acquisition of tank wagons for the purpose of further leasing and use for cargo transportation
Capacity Transaction 1 – 200 tank wagons; Transaction
2 – 182 tank wagons; Transaction
3 – 300 tank wagons, 150 gondolas; Ijara – 113 tank wagons; Transaction
4 – 1,822 wagons.
Technology Railway tank wagons for cargo transportation
Sales markets Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and Baltic countries
The total cost of the equipment US$ 67 million (all projects together)
Equipment Ukraine, Russian Federation
Production Rolling stock
Number of workplaces 125
Commissioning 2009-2017
Influence Increasinf of the freight traffic volumes through the expansion of the customer base and development of new directions