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Since 2018, Industrial Development Fund JSC has been the operator of the Leasing Financing Program for the renewal of the machine and tractor fleet as part of the support of domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery."

The purpose of the Program is to support the development of the production of domestic agricultural machinery and the renewal of the critically worn-out machine and tractor fleet of the Republic of Kazakhstan by providing leasing financing from the Industrial Development Fund JSC.

The subject of leasing - is a domestic harvester or tractor, brand new, not previously operated and not older than 2 years as of the date of the request of the potential Lessee to acquire the leasing subject. 

The Program participants are:
1) Industrial Development Fund JSC;

2) The Lessee - legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and peasant farms operating in the agriculture industry, and concluded with JSC "Fund for the development of the industry," finance lease contracts to acquire the leasing subjects under a financial lease;
3) The seller of the leased asset - domestic manufacturers of tractors and combines.

The Program is implemented in the following ways:
1) by contacting potential Lessees with a domestic manufacturer with an application for attracting lease financing;
2) through participation of the Industrial Development Fund JSC in the procurement of financial leasing services as a potential supplier.

Terms of lease financing within the framework of the Program Terms of providing long-term lease financing for a potential Lessee

Conditions for providing long-term lease financing for a potential Lessee:
1) the period of lease financing - up to 7 years;
2) The remuneration rate is 7% at the expense of budgetary funds, 15% at the expense of commercial funds;;
3) financing currency - tenge;
4) initial payment (advance) for leasing - at least 15% of the value of the leased item;
5) ommissions, fees and / or other payments - in accordance with the internal acts of the Industrial Development Fund JSC;
6) insurance of the leased asset under the CASCO program at the expense of the Lessee.

«Kaz Kioti» LLP
«Машиностроительный завод МТЗ-Казахстан»LLP
«СТ Эсэмбли»LLP
Calculate leasing/loan
  • Cost:
  • up to 20 000 000 000 KZT
  • Remuneration rate:
  • 20%
  • Advance payment amount:
  • 50%
  • Term of the contract:
99 083 Monthly payment
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Conclude a leasing agreement
Make an advance payment for the equipment
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The second stage of consideration of your loan application for the security, efficiency and payback of the Project, solvency and compliance of the legal status of counterparties with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The second stage is carried out according to the tariffs for the examination. Lessee's application Questionnaire of a potential lessee Consents List of documents for LLP List of documents for peasant farms and farms List of documents for sole proprietors List of documents for JSC Basic requirements for the development of a business plan